Our neighbor, Jerry Yourczek, had an old Shaver post pounder that hooks to a 3 point and is run by hydraulics laying out in his yard. I ask him if it worked and if we could borrow it. (I knew he hadn’t moved it in seven years.) He said it did and we were welcome to use it. Will and David brought it home. The hoses were shot, but we were able to borrow hoses from our wood splitter. Will hooked it up and started pounding posts, starting at the corner of our horse pasture, angling up close to our driveway. We didn’t want stock running on our best blueberry patch or the young pines on that ridge! After 5 posts, the seal on the hydraulic cylinder blew. Will spent the day pulling it apart and digging out the old seal. It was brittle and hard. Luckily, he was able to go online and find a dealer. On pulling the cylinder apart, he also found a gear-shaped spacer that was worn out. One phone call later, he had the parts coming.

Three days later, the parts arrived and Will put it all back together. So now, he’s busy pounding posts, having gone all the way from our horse pasture, putting in a gate up near the big pines where our driveway makes a 90 degree turn, and is heading along the drive. He’ll be glad to get off the ridge as there are LOTS of big rocks up there, left by the glacier. The posts don’t always go in straight, but they’re definitely solid!

Yesterday we took a ride around the 40 with our four wheeler. Wow, is there ever grass on that piece of ground! We are so happy to have bought that land. Not only is it great pasture for our animals, but it’s pretty, too! Soon there’ll be no more buying hay in the summer for us. — Jackie


  1. It sounds like 40 acres was a great addition to your homestead. The best of luck managing it. I’m looking forward to hearing what you will do with it.

  2. When we lived on 40 acres in the Sierra foothills of California we made our fence with railroad ties interspersed with tee posts and strung both barbed wire and electric wire on them. after living there for 20 years we never had any problems with the fence.

  3. It’s a toss up who scored with this deal, Jerry or Will….both came out ahead, Jerry gets a reconditioned post pounder and Will doesn’t have to dig holes etc etc etc…….just reading “fencing 40 acres” sounds tiring, LOL…..

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