Long-term food storage

In Vickie Tate’s article on “7 mistakes of food storage” she says not to use trash bag liners in buckets. Since I have already done that. Would you recommend that I rebag the food ? I look at the bag box and it says not recommended for food storage but nothing about pesticides.

Don Cogger
Twin Falls, Idaho

I would not use trash bags to line buckets. Personally, I don’t use any liners in my buckets. Some foods, I just place in the buckets in their own bags: like chocolate chips, sugar, and pasta. Other bulk foods like wheat, popcorn, rice, etc. I just pour into the bucket and seal it. I’ve never had any issue with storage problems that way. — Jackie

Canning butter

My canned butter is too salty! Can I substitute 50% unsalted butter to the salted and be ok? I only use quality butter, Champion or Land O’ Lakes. I live in Central East Texas so I keep butter indoors, dark and cool.

Susan Blouch
Oakwood, Texas

Yes, you can even can up unsalted butter if you want. — Jackie


  1. I use four gal. square food grade buckets to store dry beans etc. I pack things in gallon ziplocks so that when I open buckets the whole contents is not exposed to enviornmental change. We pull a bag at a time to refill the kitchen storage containers.

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