I had been searching for the Rotenone that you said you use for your pest control on veggies. Ended my search today after talking with Master Gardener for the University of Maryland. He did a print out for me of current research linking Rotenone to Parkinsons Disease and several Indocrine diseases. Please go do some online research before you continue to use it, especially with your history of cancer. Certainly am not criticizing, just concerned for your health and the health of those who decide to go use it.

Wanda Towles
Laurel, Maryland

We all must choose to eliminate the very real, well documented risks from our lives that we, personally, feel are the most threatening to our health. I do not and do not recommend using rotenone heavily or often. Usually one or two applications does the trick. If there is more, documented, scholarly research in the future that supports your Master Gardener’s research site, I will definitely listen. I do not and do not recommend using rotenone heavily or often. Usually one or two applications does the trick. In the meantime, we choose to grow most of our own food, buy no foreign grown foods, use no GMO products, have no carpet or formaldehyde products in our home, exercise every day, do not smoke, eat right (usually!), and enjoy each and every day. We live one day at a time and try to enjoy it and each other to the fullest. Thank you for your concern. — Jackie

Feeding turkeys

We have 3 4-H turkeys that are about 1/3 grown. They are eating the boughten feed like crazy. What do you feed yours to keep the cost down?

Gail Erman
Palisade, Colorado

We feed our turkeys an 18% poultry scratch feed mixed with corn screenings that are basically cracked corn with finer bits. Our turkeys also have free range in our orchard and I feed them squash “guts” and kitchen scraps along with our chickens. They are doing well on this and the hens are also laying plenty of eggs. — Jackie


  1. re: Log Homes … always wanted one, until I had a friend with one. Remember if you have a high ceiling, you are going to have to get up there every couple of years for staining and caulking … decided it was too much work for me, and after being retired 6 years, REAL glad I don’t have that to worry with. It gets harder and harder to get it all done, just saying <3

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