Processing elderberries

I saw in Issue #102 a question about “green sticky residue” left by processing elderberries and how to remove it. This is the resin of the plant. We thought we were going to have to throw out Lehman’s food processor until I called my mom and she told me to wash the sticky parts well with plain mineral oil. Then wash the oils off with hot water and soap. The resin is water insoluble but binds readily to the mineral oil.

Jim Willard
Waiteville, West Virginia

Thanks for the information, Jim. I’m sure other readers will be glad for the tip. — Jackie

Dry-ice storage

Have some info about long term food storage (beans, rice etc) that is good for 20 years. I’m sure you know this trick but didn’t see in any of BHM’s issues so figured I better send info just in case. Never tried this process but going to soon. Sure looks like a win win to me. It involves using 1 lb of dry ice per 18 gallon barrel, lid and a ring clamp to tighten. Instead of my explaining the process I am going to give you the web address where I learned this method. It’s… I also think BHM is one of the finest magazines on the market. Been with you all for quite a while also.

Steve Trembly
Eureka, California

I’ve seen the dry ice used, but to tell the truth, I’ve stored beans, rice, and other dry grains with NO dry ice, for more than 20 years, and they’ve turned out just fine. I’m a why-do-it-if-you-don’t-have-to kind of person, so I’ll just keep doing it my old way. I store in containers that are airtight, waterproof, and vermin-proof. And I keep the containers in a cool, dark location, usually in my cellar or another cool, dark area. — Jackie