Will is making terrific strides with our new barn. Unfortunately, Eric couldn’t work with him these past few days so he’s been doing it mostly alone with a little help from David before he goes off to work. Thankfully, we bought a set of scaffolding from our friend Tom, and then borrwed another three sets. This means that Will can stand on planks to cut and notch the highest poles instead of teetering on the extension ladder way UP there. I like that better. (So does Will.) But the scaffold is heavy and hard to move from pole to pole, and it’s kind of slow work. I think it looks great!

I’m picking plenty of lamb’s quarter and red-rooted pig weed, both of which are great cooked greens. I’ve got photos below of both. Lamb’s quarter is more arrowhead-shaped in the leaf, with smoother, silvery centered leaves. Pig weed is a coarser plant and when you pull it, the root is red (i.e. red-rooted). Both are great to can as you would any green. However, don’t pig out on either as they do contain oxalic acid and too much could make you sick. Just eat it like spinach, a meal at a time and you’ll love it.

I’m also still staking, weeding, and caging tomatoes. I’m down to the last short row. Whew! I’m glad. I also planted more corn and two more rows of carrots for a fall crop as the “river” from the 6 inches of rain ran down one carrot row and who knows where those plants ended up! — Jackie