Canning beans

Can I can beans not using any salt?

Ann Hazelett
Litchfield Park, Arizona

Definitely. The salt is only a flavor enhancer; it does nothing to preserve the vegetables or canned meats. — Jackie

Making peanut butter

Have you ever planted peanuts and made your own peanut butter?

Don Warner
Sarasota, Florida

No, I haven’t planted peanuts, our growing season simply won’t let us. But as a child, Mom and I grew some, back in zone 6 and we did make peanut butter. It was kind of crude, as we didn’t have blenders back then, but I remember it was very tasty and I sure cleaned up my part in short order! These days, with blenders, it’s so much easier. If you’re not growing them now, why not try a patch? You’ll love them. — Jackie