Thursday we hosted the Cook Area Garden Club for the second year. About forty people came and they were very enthusiastic about seeing what we were doing around our homestead. Although they came a little later in the season last year when the tomatoes were abundantly ripe, they seemed to enjoy learning about all the different varieties of garden crops we grow and trial each year.

Of course our friendly animals were a huge hit and our cat who thinks she’s a dog tagged along for our entire tour. In fact, one woman asked me how many cats we had. I told her “just one.” And she said everywhere we went there was a cat there and they all looked the same. Mittens, Mittens, and more Mittens!

We also visited the mama turkey and her brood in the orchard as we toured the various trees there. People were thrilled to learn that you CAN grow pie cherries and pears in northern Minnesota and wrote down names of the varieties we planted and had bought from Fedco Trees and St. Lawrence Nursery, who carry extremely hardy northern trees.

Friday and Saturday I also attended and manned a local author’s table at the Bear River Fair, a small community fair that’s been around for nearly 100 years. I met a lot of real nice folks, ate great homemade food, and enjoyed listening to homegrown music from various artists. But today it’s back to work; the garden is groaning with produce and I’ve got to get to canning. The corn is in and the beans are again hanging heavily on the vines and bushes. Such a wonderful sight!


  1. I was glad to see that you mentioned St. Lawrence Nursery. The nursery is located just a few miles down the road from us. We purchased our blueberry bushes and other garden goodies from Bill. He is an expert on growing.

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