Q and A: whiteflies and filling the canner — 6 Comments

  1. I sometimes fill the canner with jars of water to take up extra space. There is the added benefit of extra water to store. No sense having empty jars sitting around!

  2. Whiteflies: Yellow sticky boards, either bought cardboard sticky both sides or homemade from wood painted bright yellow and coated with Tanglefoot will control whiteflies. Put them on stakes and plant in with your crops. The painted boards can be washed and re-coated with Tanglefoot; the cardboard have to be tossed when they get full of flies. Works in greenhouses and hoop houses, low tunnels too. If you have thrips in your iris, paint the boards blue and cover with Tanglefoot.

  3. Dan,

    I’m not sure; I’ve never done that, yet! Open a jar and see. I’m sure you can find a use for your peaches, even if mushy.


  4. Ooops…I read the Blue Book wrong and Pressure canned my peaches for 20 minutes instead of water bath. What can I expect when we open them, peach mush?

  5. I’ve read to can water for storage to fill space in the canner and use your extra jars…I never seem to have any of those extra jars though.