Canning green tomatoes

I have read where you can can sliced green tomatoes. Is this true and if so what is the process?

Robin Putman
Coolville, Ohio

My aunt used to can green tomatoes to fry using this simple method: Use quart wide mouth jars for ease. Slice firm green tomatoes fairly thickly and stack in the jar. Add 1 tsp salt. Pour boiling water over tomatoes, leaving 1 inch of headspace. Process in a water bath canner for 10 minutes. This is not an expert-tested recipe. Aunt Iva used it for years and her mother before her with great results, as have many of my friends. Still it is not expert-tested, so use your own judgment. — Jackie

Canning pesto

Can pesto sauce be canned?

Brian Campana
Bethel, Connecticut

Sorry; this is one food that shouldn’t be home canned due to its ingredients and density. — Jackie

Wringer washer

I bought a wringer washer on an auction for $18 — what a steal. Several people thought I was crazy, got it home and had to get on ebay to find a drain hose. Hose arrives, I install the thing, thank God I can do these things now. I’m washing, the lines are full, and more in the washer. I think I have lost it as I am searching the house for things to wash. I do have a question on the pressure of the wringer rollers, is there a way to adjust the amount of pressure on them? They do not seem like they are wringing out the water well or is this just a part of wringer washers? I had my mothers washer years ago and I don’t remember. I sure wish I had that washer back, but at one time i thought it was old fashioned. Boy have I ever changed for the better.

Judy Hiatt
Marysville, Kansas

Isn’t washing with a wringer washer fun, though? And it actually gets your clothes clean, too. You can’t adjust the pressure on the wringer, but maybe yours has not been tightened down after popping open when it released a heavy load. There is a flat, colored bar-lever on top of the wringer that you need to turn to lock the wringer down into its tight position. It only turns about halfway to lock. They should wring out most of the water, but it won’t be dry, dry. — Jackie


  1. Joyce pierce don’t process the eggplant and squash in a boiling water bath. They need a pressure canner because they are not acid enough.

  2. thanks for the info on green tomatoes,i think i will also try eggplant and squash this way as we still love our fried food in the south.

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