Q and A: drying corn, canning salmon roe, honey, and plantar wart — 5 Comments

  1. I have to pipe in on this wart topic and add a remedy. My son had tons of warts on his hands and they were beginning to pop up on his knees and feet. Most were small, but some would form into clusters. At the last count ( he counted ), he had about 50 ! I finally got fed up with over the counter wart removers and tried tape. I had heard duct tape would cure them, but all I could find was clear packing tape. So, I tore off pieces and covered every one completely cutting off any air to the warts. Next day they were the same, and I think my son took the tape off. A few days later I got some duct tape and repeated the process, making sure to smooth around the warts so no air could get in. He wore this all night and we removed the tape the next morning. I forgot to do it anymore, but noticed a couple weeks later that every single wart was completely gone !! You can’t even see where he had the big clusters off warts ! Great remedy, easy and other than a little stinging, painless.

  2. My son had planters warts an i used the milk from milk weed 2 times a day for two weeks an they went away. We started out with a Dr. burning them off an because he yelped she refused to finish them an still charged 150.00 so i found an natural way an it works well, if you keep at it.

  3. Hi Jackie – Great blog, I always look forward to your updates on your homestead. I thought I’d add a tip for warts (works on plantar warts but is especially good for regular warts). Take a knife and skim off the inside of a banana peel (the pithy white bit, no outer skin). Ensure the site of the wart is clean and dry and put the inner peel directly over the wart and cover it with a waterproof plaster and keep dry for 4 – 7 days. Remove the plaster at the end of the week and the wart will have turned black and will usually come off with the plaster leaving behind clear pink skin. If it is stubborn and still there, repeat the process…have never known it to take more than 2 goes.

  4. The issue with adding things to honey isn’t botulism. The issue is that it will increase the moisture content, allowing fermentation to occur. Also, adding foreign material could create a starting point for crystallization, which is also less preferable.