After jumping out of their indoor greenhouse pen three times in half an hour, we decided to try putting them back in the goat barn. The temperature was warmer (30 above) and it was sunny. Instead of putting them in their old pen, David and I built a hay house inside the center pen so they could be by themselves for more pampering. After bedding it well we brought them out and they seemed happy to be outside. They went right in their hay house and now they cuddle together when they aren’t eating or exploring. Hopefully they’ll continue to do well. I will put coats on them tomorrow night. It’s supposed to be -27. Brrrr.

We had another 8 inches of snow yesterday and Will plowed the mile-long driveway and cleaned out our house yard. It’s much better than fighting the snow.


Because of the cold, we’ve been working inside, doing finish work on the house. The shake roof is nearly done with only the new pine fascia trim to go. I think it looks real nice. We’re even thinking of splitting shakes for our new chicken coop-to-be. Now Will’s putting up trim around the windows indoors. He started in my office and has plans to move around and do the bathroom and kitchen windows too. Boy, does that look great. He has one office window finished and is working on the second one now.


Around the homestead there’s always something to do. We never get bored! — Jackie


  1. Your goats escape act sure brought back a few good memories of our experiences with goats. We had a wether named Packa who managed to escape on a regular basis. One day we came home to find him on the roof of the garage walking on the ridge. Apparently he somehow climbed up the woodpile and jumped up from there. Another time Bill was working on their fence and had just added another top row since he had jumped over before. Bill walked over to talk with me and Packa decided he wanted in on the conversation, so he sailed over the new portion with a foot to spare. We both just stood there with our mouths hanging open. Bill never did finish the additional height. What was the point? Packa was the same fellow who would sneak up on our back deck and peek in the kitchen window. More than once I looked up from washing dishes to see him staring in the window at me. Sure miss that goat!

  2. Glad the goats are doing well. The shakes look great and what a pretty scene in the driveway. Yep, always lots of things to do! Thanks for sharing Jackie.

  3. I’m glad the goats are doing better. Thanks for sharing the photo of the shakes. They sure do look nice.

  4. Ha! Those goats have figured out they landed in a goat paradise. :) The shakes are very handsome! Nice look. Jennifer in western NC

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