Potting soil

I was wondering what type of potting soil that you used, and where do you get it. I just tried Home Depot for Pro-Mix and they do not carry it. Is that the kind that you use? And I was going to put my tomatoes into containers. What would I use for that?

Helena, Montana

Check a local greenhouse/nursery for Pro-Mix. I used to get mine in Helena at the greenhouse out past the turn to the VA hospital (Ft. Harrison). Can’t remember the name; it’s on the right side; big place. I use it for transplanting seedlings, too. — Jackie

Drying up a cow

Our Jersey cow is pregnant and ready to calve the end of May. We have been trying to dry her up for a month and she just isn’t. Some days we are milking some of the milk out of her, like 2 qts a day just to relieve her some as she gets so full. Is there something I am missing on doing this? What else should I do? She normally gives us about 3 gallons a day, sometimes more but we thought we should dry her up so the baby could develop better since she is due fairly soon. This is only her second calf.

Jackie S.

To dry a cow off, just stop milking her. It’s the back-pressure of the milk that causes her to stop producing it. If you keep milking her, even a little, she’ll keep producing. She needs a rest and time to produce colostrum for her next calf. She sounds like a nice cow! — Jackie


  1. Linda,

    Sorry you had trouble. When we first started the blog, the questions were open to everyone. And I was getting twenty or thirty a day! Because I’m a homesteader first and writer/blogger second, I didn’t have the time to do that. So the magazine limited the questions/answers to subscribers and that allowed me to blog at a rate that allowed us to keep homesteading. Sometimes it is a rushed thing like at canning or planting time and I just plain didn’t have time to sit at the computer every day. This works much better. I’m sorry.

  2. I tried to ask you a question through the proper channels. But, it seems I must subscribe to the mag or be a customer. You have answered other questions I have asked. What is the problem?

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