Q and A: corn salsa and canning tomao soup — 3 Comments

  1. Deb,

    Awww. So sweet of you! We do hope to help everyone as much as we possibly can in any way we can.
    Yep, you can can up tomato soup, but just don’t add flour to make it thick, like Campbells do. I add my milk as I heat it up to serve.

  2. Couldn’t you can the tomato sour without the cream and then add it just before serving?

  3. How about canning the tomato soup without the cream and like we do with
    Campbell’s soup, add the milk or cream right before it is served. Sounds
    like it might be the answer but I’ll leave that to our guru and teacher, Jackie.
    I sure enjoy all the things I learned at the seminar and look forward to killing my chickens next month and enjoying the free range meat. I know how to do it thanks to Will, Jackie and Jeri. I hope all of her readers will start saving their money to attend the next seminar in 2014. Jackie and Will try to address everyone’s needs, questions and if there is anything you need to know, they will make sure you learn how to do it and how to accomplish your goals.
    You couldn’t ask for more kind and endearing people to teach you about life on a homestead. They are knowledgeable and better than any book you read. Am I overstating my thoughts, I hope so. They are the best!!