Canning in a small space

I am now living in a fifth wheel and want to continue canning, both water bath and pressure, do you have any suggestions on how to keep the moisture from building up in my trailer from the steam?

Lois Lara
Corbett, Oregon

Usually running the vent fan will do the trick. You’ll have more steam when water bathing than pressure canning so be sure to use a lid on your water bath canner. (It’ll come to a boil faster, too!) Additional tips may include opening a nearby window and using a small fan to exhaust the steam through it while the jars are in the canner. Do be sure to close the window and shut off the fan while jars are being taken out of the canner and while they are cooling to avoid jar breakage. — Jackie

Canning lids

Sometimes, I’m not sure how many jars I will be able to fill so I go ahead and put a few extra lids into the pot to heat on the stove. If I do not use all of them, are they safe to heat again and use during another canning session?

Sheila Clark
Simpsonville, South Carolina

You bet they are; I do it all the time. Just be sure the lids don’t boil dry, then wipe them off after your canning is done and put them away for next time so they don’t rust. — Jackie


  1. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I appreciate them very much.

    I have bought a two burner stove for next year to try out side canning.

    I would like to pass on a hint if I may to those who are wanting to store water and can food. Just fill your empty jars with water, put the used lid and ring on and you have just put a quart or pint of water into your storage for emergencies. Next year just empty it and fill it up with food. Works like a charm and no wasted space!

    Take care all,

  2. Ruth Ann,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Been cold this fall, so far….-6 last night! Brrr. But spring’s coming~!

  3. If you have a Camp Chef stove or something similar (sturdy) for cooking outside, I’d can outside in appropriate weather. I do that now in a “regular” house unless it is winter and we welcome the extra humid heat in our high desert climate. :-)

  4. Jackie = Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. It looks like an early winter this year. We have snow in Michigan and its in the 20’s all day today and in the teens last night. The last few winters this is January weather.

  5. Lois – to save space in your 5th wheel, you can dispense with the water bath canner because you can do water bath canning in your pressure canner. I gave my water bath away since I learned how to do this.

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