Our Thanksgiving will be small and quiet with only David, Will, and me around the table. Of course our house pets, Mittens, Spencer, and Hondo, will share our bounty with us and the livestock will get special treats to celebrate our bountiful year.

Hondo is getting huge for a “puppy” only three months old! And he’s so smart, already being potty trained, going to the door when he needs outside, sitting on command with military precision (if you don’t praise him right away he does a “double sit,” sitting on his tail with his legs sticking right out under him), and he already is bringing in firewood with Spencer! He also has learned that Will’s comfortable old chair is doggy friendly. Sometimes he shares it with Spencer and sometimes he gets it before Spencer does! When Will comes in, he has to evict the dogs to sit down. Hondo is the last one out, giving Will the “do you really, really mean “get down”? Or is it just a suggestion” look.



Such a fun addition to our homestead. He already “guards” the gate to the goat pasture while I go in to feed grain. But I don’t know what would happen if one of the goats challenged him. Right now, they just play the game and stay away from the gate.

Again, have a real Happy Thanksgiving and count your blessings! — Jackie


  1. Just the two of us and one dog for Thanksgiving! Just a simple turkey and dressing meal. It was cold for Texas and it just felt good to stay inside! Spencer and Hondo are so special – thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Our’s is also small, just the two of us today. Family on Saturday when all are available. Just wanted to say thanks for all your advice. My apple trees survived and this year we wrapped and fenced them. Also I made your pumpkin pie from your cook book and it was the best I’ve ever tasted.

  3. We are having a 3 only Thanksgiving day also. Just fine and dandy. Still will have plenty of leftovers.


  4. I read your post daily. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. I love it when you share pictures of whatever is going on down on the farm. Happy Thanksgiving. Ours will be small this year too. Just my husband, my son and me.

  5. Happy thanksgiving Jackie and Will. thank you for posting the photos of the dogs.
    Love seeing them. Our puppy was four months old when we got her and she was not that big! She is almost two now and weighs 58 lbs., so looks like Hondo will be a really big dog!

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