Enchilada sauce

I have a #10 can of La Victoria Enchilada Sauce that I would like to re-can into smaller usable jars. (pint) Would I process it at 12# (for our altitude) for 35 minutes like your other references of enchilada sauce?

Joni Warren
Canyon City, Oregon

I’m not sure of the ingredients in La Victoria Enchilada Sauce. Some Enchilada sauces have no tomatoes and lots of green chiles so that sauce wouldn’t be processed for the same time. As with all re-canned or homemade recipes, always process for the time required for the ingredient requiring the longest processing time and you’ll do fine. Read the ingredients carefully. — Jackie

Green beans

I am going to place an order from your seed collection. I am planning to order 5 packs of the Provider green beans. If I plant these will I be able to plant other types of green beans without them cross-pollinating? If they will cross-pollinate then I will order more from you. Thanks for all you do with the magazine — you are the highlight of every issue!

Nancy Feldman
Ankeny, Iowa

Generally, if you want to raise more than one type of bean in your garden you can, provided that you have a relatively large garden. If you can separate the varieties of beans by many feet and/or a few rows of a taller crop such as tomatoes or sweet corn, they will stay pure. Since we planned on selling seeds, we only grew Providers last fall just to make sure the seed was pure.

Thanks for the kind words about my work in the magazine. It keeps me perked up for the next article and issue! — Jackie


  1. Hi Jackie. I fully agree – you are the highlight of every issue that comes out – your articles are the first I look for when the new issue pops into my mailbox. Thanks for all your advice

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