Have you seen the Glass Gem Corn? — 13 Comments

  1. All,

    Propane went up to $6.50 a gallon. And there’s a limit of 200 gallons on how much you can get. On Madeline Ilsand, in Wisconsin, folks can’t GET any propane because the ice is too thin to support propane trucks. I suppose they can haul 100 pound tanks but boy would that be expensive as filling them costs about triple of the regular price of LP. And so it goes…..I’m so worried for so many people throughout the country and pray that they all get by till spring.

  2. Janice,

    I’m so glad you told us of your experience with Glass Gem. That’ll help me out with my excitement to get it planted! This corn looks like a cross between pearls and jelly beans! So gorgeous. And it helps that you can eat it too. I can hardly wait.

  3. in maine i have my own propane tanks and pay 2.50 a gallon….cold here too.what are they doing to this country?

  4. Propane in my county is $5 a gallon if you can get it. I was told by all three providers that they will not get more until March! If you run out, you are just out of luck! Thank God for wood, solar and wind! I heat with all 3.

  5. I grew glass gem last summer and the raccoons got to it before us. I am trying to decide if I want to try again this year. I have been following your site for a long time and it is amazing what you have been able to accomplish as you can afford it, a little bit at a time. You have had many setbacks and come through some very tough times. As time passes accomplishments add up and a homestead is created. Your determination and perseverance are an inspiration. I did finally figure out how to see your seed list (I can’t believe how easy it was once I figured it out LOL!) and will be sending in an order for some squash and watermelon soon. Stay warm and safe, more winter weather is on the way.

  6. The vanity is beautiful. I am sure it is the center piece of your bathroom. The corn looks very interesting, I think I will have to look into planting a little bit.

    Propane is northern Iowa is over 5.00 and I saw on the news last night it was 8.25 in an area in NW Iowa. WOW I am glad we use wood heat for 99% of our heat. I guess we will be turning down our water heater and use propane wisely.

    Hopefully the weather won’t be the extreme below zero we have been having. :)

  7. Hi Jackie…

    LOVE the vanity….brilliant! I hope you can get your corn to grow like mad….( as you do everything else!) so that maybe you can sell some of the seed in a couple years! I have seen it and just couldn’t believe how beautiful it is. :)

    Just sent you an order for watermelon seeds. Can’t wait to get started. God help us all in these trying times….

  8. Good morning Jackie

    After re-reading your post about the glass gem, I went and bought my self a pack. We always make our own Christmas gifts, so this year we figure depending how this corn produces, we can give out some glass gem popcorn and the fixings. Here’s hoping that the crop is good. Have a fabulous Friday!


  9. Beautiful vanity! I grew this corn last spring here in Georgia. It grows very fast and is short in height. The ears are absolutely beautiful! I found that the seed color did not dictate the color of the corn produced. I had many colors in solids and multicolored ears. This corn can be either popped or ground into meal. You will love it!

  10. The vanity is awesome! Will is very talented. Good job. Let us know how the corn comes out. It is very partty. I would bet that even if the seeds are mostly blue/white that it will make pretty ears of different colors. Propane prices are awful. My sister in SE Oklahoma was stunned when she learned they were getting that much per gallon. Luckily she has lots of wood on her land and a wood stove. Prayers for all that they stay warm and safe.

  11. Wow! is right! That corn is just gorgous! I can’t wait to hear how it turns out! The vanity is beyond beautiful! I’ll need to save a picture for my “my home one day file!”

  12. I agree about the corn, but still think the vanity is prettier!! Tell Will anytime he’s free, he can do one for us! Needless to say, I won’t be holding my breath. :-) I also have been seeing that about propane… a real bad deal with this extreme cold. Glad I listened to my husband and put back a lot more wood for this winter. Been praying for people because of the cold, and also due to the food prices. Stay warm.

  13. Yes, I saw this corn on Pintrest and am intrigued also. We did a similar thing with a vanity in a Victorian home we once owned. Yours is very pretty. Worried for all the poor around here (Michigan) also. Have used our woodstove more than ever this year.