Q and A: canning teriyaki sauce and canning sweet potatoes — 2 Comments

  1. Sidney,

    Thanks for your information. It never mentioned pressure canning with them on the website I visited. They’re still pretty darned expensive for me.

  2. Jackie, thank you so much for all you post. Your efforts are certainly appreciated!

    I just wanted to clarify one point about Weck jars – they are certainly able to be used for pressure canning – that was what they are designed for!!

    However, you should use extra clamps with them when you pressure can (four, instead of just the included two necessary for hwb canning). Not everyone realises that and sometimes it can contribute to seal failure. Personally, I’ve never had a seal failure & I use the same gaskets over & over when pressure canning.

    Just wanted to clear that up! And again, thank you Jackie!!