Q and A: canned sweet peppers, mold in houseplants, and growing asparagus — 2 Comments

  1. Angela,

    I checked out the link you posted and the recipe does not contain water as Christine’s did. The amount of water could have reduced the acidity allowing the peppers to flat-sour which is a nasty tasting form of spoilage.
    I’ve roasted and canned a whole lot of peppers of all kinds and have never found that roasting or failure to get the skins off (I often can many kinds with the skins intact.) would cause any off flavors.

  2. There is a tested recipe from the NCHFP for water-bath canning peppers that uses oil, though I’m not sure whether that’s the one Christine used: I’ve had excellent results with that recipe. The canned peppers keep well and are very tasty, so I am inclined to think the oil and water-bath processing are not the problem, unless you were to accidentally use oil that had gone bad, or didn’t follow the tested recipe.

    However, I did have something similar to what Christine describes happen with a Ball recipe for roasted red pepper spread (; I used red bell peppers and for some reason that batch turned out inedibly bitter and acrid. So that does make me wonder whether there’s something to do with the roasting (maybe not managing to get all the skin off?) or the peppers themselves that can cause that particular off taste.