With spring finally here, we are keeping pretty busy — 3 Comments

  1. Debby,

    We have six honeyberries now and got to eat a dozen berries last year. The bushes are doing very well although those &*^#@%* voles chewed some of their bark last winter because I forgot to cage them with screen. But the bushes lived despite it and are putting out big leaves and looking good. Luckily the voles didn’t chew all around every stem but sure damaged them. We even have a local honeyberry grower ( in Minnesota.

  2. Jackie
    I live in Mt, so the climate may be some what the same. actually I think that
    you are colder. But I went to the local nursey this week. I got and I do hope
    that they work is 3 honey berry planets. They were deleivd in Canada and are
    cold hardy. they are suppose to be like a blue berry.
    Any way I am not sure if you want to check them out. or if you can even get

  3. Looks like you two are making great progress. Planting up a storm here in MI too.