Canning peaches

Can you dry-can peaches? I have never heard of this before, but saw it mentioned in an article. I have canned them in a syrup only.

Wish I could be there for the seminar! Awfully far from Tampa.

Judith Almand
Brandon, Florida

Boy, that’s a new one on me! I’d rather stick to the tried and true canning peaches in syrup. I can’t imagine dry canning peaches at all.

I wish you could come, too. We still have several spots open. — Jackie

Substitution for fresh dill

I make dilly asparagus using the dilly bean recipe. It calls for 1 head of dill per jar, I usually freeze dill from the year before as it is not available at this time of year. I did not freeze any last year, so could you tell me if anything can be substituted with similar results.

Karen Eagleson
Armada, Michigan

You can substitute dill seed at about 1½ tsp. dill seed per head called for in a recipe. Of course, fresh dill is best (or frozen) but dill seed comes in a close second and is available all year long. — Jackie


  1. I just ed canned peaches in a (I think) cold pack hot boil. I cooed for set time including altitude adjustment and today the outside of peach jars and lids are sticky but are sealed tight. The peaches are all up to the top of the lid and there is about 1/4 – 1/2″ space w/ juice at the bottom. Did I do something wrong and are the canned peaches any good?

  2. Judith, if you follow the directions to raw pack the peaches in Jackie’s canning book, just omit the syrup. I think that is what you are asking. These are the best peaches I have ever canned. They taste almost like a frozen fresh peach.

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