Q and A: flu tonic and storing dehydrated foods — 3 Comments

  1. Rick,

    Thanks for the tip. Luckily, black elderberries grow on our place….if I can beat the birds to them!

  2. We have a winery in the area, that specializes in elderberry wines. They sell the juice for just this reason, but it isn’t inexpensive, but better then being ill.

  3. Jackie, I have been using canned black elderberry juice for a number of years as a flu/cold remedy. It was recommended to me by a health food store. It is available bottled online, but I pick and can my own for free. I take a table- spoon full every waking hour at the first indication all may not be well if either of these ailments is making the rounds……I found online that the Israeli medical community has found this juice effective for all known strains of flu. I have used it often and usually within 2 days I am symptom free….However I am not asking that anyone else follow my example….. simply stating my experience…..It is past the elderberry season here, but as they grow over much of the country, if I were ever to move I would keep an eye open for black elderberries. Rick