Q and A: larger canning jars and canning tomato sauce — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, I had the same problem with Golden Harvest jars. I bought 3 cases on sale at Big Lots several years ago, and I’m so glad I didn’t get more. Now I try to use them for items I know I’m going to give away. ;-)

    I also had a lot of seal failures with the lids that came with those jars. I think 3 out of 12 failed on each case. I think I’ve had total of 3 failures EVER outside of those lids! Some failed right away, some failed weeks/months later. I used the sealed jars of food first once we noticed them failing and made sure there was still a tight seal when we opened them.

  2. Maybe they got enough complaints about the jars shrinking that they decided to reverse it?

  3. Last year I purchased a box of regular mouth jars, Walmart brand. They would not fit in either of my pressure canners, nor steamer canner, unless they are mixed in with other jars. Too wide at the sides…and made in China too :(

    I will never buy them again.

  4. I have noticed that the Walmart brand of jars are a little bigger, but I only use them for honey and maple syrup. I may have to stick a few of them in the canner and see how they fit.

  5. I buy & Kerr & no difference. Were you using wide mouth jars?? They are a bit wider than regular.

  6. We had to break down and buy more jars this year. We bought the economical brand from Jarden Home Brands commonly known as Golden Harvest Jars. These are wider than Ball Jars (also made by Jarden Home Brands) and will not fit 7 quarts into a canner. Its a struggle for sure that I noticed this year. It also seems that they hold more. In my pressure canner, All-American 930, I can only do 12 quarts at a time instead of 14.