Goat milk soap

You gave a recipe for Goat’s Milk Soap but for the life of me I can not find it. Would you please direct me?

Amanda Modin
Bend, Oregon

That recipe is on page 78 of the Sept/October 2014 issue of BHM (Issue #149). If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll reprint it. — Jackie

Making apple relish with Asian pears

I make your Apple Relish every year. Have you ever, or do you think I could use Asian Pears in it instead of the Apples? As an aside, I bought the Punta Bunda Tomato seeds from you and I have NEVER had such high yields of sauce tomatoes! Yikes! Perhaps a warning, of “High…really high yield” should go onto the label! Yummmmm

Darla Reardon
Deming, Washington

Yep, that’s one reason we always grow Punta Bandas! I make tons of different sauces and it sure cuts down on the work as they’re so meaty.

Yes, you can substitute Asian pears for the apples in the Apple Relish recipe with no problems. — Jackie