Nitrogen purged freezer storage

Do you know of any one doing nitrogen purged freezer storage?

John Alderman

No, I don’t. I do know of folks who use dry ice to remove the oxygen in long term storage containers but not for freezer storage. — Jackie

Picking Hopi Pale Grey squash early

Our Hopi Pale Grey Squash is growing like crazy, and it has at least a dozen nice big squash on it. This is my first time growing it, or any winter squash for that matter. Everything I read says wait until after the first light frost to pick them. Do I have to wait, or can I pick one now? It’s just I can’t wait to try it, they look so good.

Steve in Wyoming

Sure, Steve, go ahead and pick one. They are great tasting even when softball sized, used as a summer squash. Some of our friends just harvested and ate one of their immature Hopi Pale Greys and said it was the best squash they’d ever tasted! I’m tickled that yours are doing so well. — Jackie

Canning salsa mix

I purchased a salsa mix to add to my tomatoes (Mrs. Wage’s mild) and while the taste was great, I am questioning the processing instructions. The mix contains dehydrated vegetables and spices and for 10 cups of tomatoes, I added 1/2 cup vinegar. The instructions said it could be water bathed but that amount of vinegar didn’t seem to be enough to safely do that. What do you think?

Katherine Jordahl
Fergus Falls, Minnesota

That recipe is one that has been tested and found safe for canning. I don’t use it because I grow all of my own ingredients except for the lemon juice I use. — Jackie