Shelf life of apple juice

If using a Mehu-Liisa to extract apple juice, is draining the hot liquid into a properly cleaned and heated jar with a two piece canning lid all that is needed? What is the shelf life?

Ron in Missouri

It is still recommended that you process the juice in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes to ensure a safe, long-lasting seal. Once canned, the juice will stay good indefinitely. — Jackie

Canada Crookneck seeds

I was wondering where you got your Canada crookneck squash seeds, and if you will be having these seeds available in your seed catalog?

Margaret Ringham
Westbrook, Minnesota

I got my Canada Crookneck seeds from a friend in northern Minnesota. Yes, we’ll be offering these seeds in our seed listing which we’re putting together as soon as we have harvested and dried enough seeds to begin selling. Keep an eye on the blog. — Jackie