Re-canning hominy

I have 1-gallon cans of white hominy, can I re can them in jars?

Fred Spires
Moody, Missouri

Yes, you can. I’ve often done just that as #10 cans of hominy are very cheap. Just can it as if it were fresh, using the same times. That would be 60 minutes for pints and 70 minutes for quarts. It re-cans up just fine. — Jackie

Turnip greens

What is the processing time for canning turnip greens in a water bath? I know it’s not recommended but my grandmother did it without losing a jar. But my mother has passed and I can’t ask her.


Many grandmothers canned low-acid foods — even meat, in a boiling water bath canner. But that just isn’t safe. It isn’t even a thing I’d consider as it’s VERY dangerous. Please invest in a pressure canner or borrow one from a friend. It is extremely easy to pressure can and your greens will be safe to eat. — Jackie