Canning times

I know a person that got an All American canner (I am wanting to get one). She said that the instruction book listed times that were about TWICE (or more!) of the Ball Blue Book (or you!) recommend. She said that she had talked with the folks at AA (All American) and that they said that the times were correct for the canner. Have you ever heard of such? I know you have an AA canner and that you use it regularly.


The instruction book that came with my canner has the same times as the Blue Book and I’ve used that for years so I’m not sure what your friend found. Get one! You’ll not be sorry! — Jackie

Removing pulp from persimmons

How do you remove pulp from wild persimmon seeds? Mine are falling now and I need to start using them.

Marcelle Bethany
Tupelo, Mississippi

What I’ve done is to cut them in half and rub the insides against the screen of a sieve. The seeds and skin stay inside and the pulp ends up in a bowl. — Jackie

Straightening canners

My son has straightened the bottoms of the Mirro canners over the years. By using a chunk of 2×4 and a heavy hammer they flatten right back to original. I am surprised you haven’t thought of this. They keep right on working and I wouldn’t trade my Mirro canners for the world.


Duh! Why didn’t I think of that? Of course that would work. Thanks for the tip, Kay. — Jackie


  1. Ruth,

    I think the reason they do this is that a lot of folks live way above 1,000 feet and SHOULD increase their pressure to suit their elevation. But folks often do not read and when the book says “10” pounds, that’s what they use without reading the part about increasing their pressure. That results in improperly canned food that could make people sick. So they used the 15 pounds to make sure people canned safe food. I use 12 pounds because of our elevation, adjusting my heat to hold the pressure at 12 pounds and using the weight at 15 pound setting.

  2. We had a wild persimmon grove when I was growing up. Wild I guess because we never knew who/when planted the first tree. We had fun cutting the seeds, to see which piece of silverware would be inside, a fork, a spoon or a knife. I know the land belonged to my 3rd great grandfather, passed on to his daughter, and then to my dad. I think the property may have been part of my 4th ggfathers, I know it was in the family pre 1825. I never understood why, but my gmother would never bake using persimmons, when she used every other wild fruit we could find and bring home.

  3. My AA canner is two years old and the times in the instruction book are the same as the Ball book and as Jackie’s books.

  4. I have a brand new AA pressure canner, and if anything the times (that I’ve double checked anyway, I’ve not checked them all) listed are shorter than the ones in the Ball Blue Book, because the AA recommends 15lbs of pressure and I normally can at 10lbs.

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