With our new mini-business, Seed Treasures (, we keep hustling, sorting, and packaging seeds. Will does that while I package envelopes and fill the orders. We used to be kind of bored this time of the year, but not anymore.
It’s such fun, too, as we get letters from a lot of different people all over the country and they share bits of their lives and gardens with us. I can’t wait to hear how some of our crops perform for them.

I got back from Duluth and Federal Court jury selection late Tuesday and all day yesterday I played catch-up. I wasn’t too sad to find out that the case finally settled out of court, allowing us jurors to get back to our lives. My bed never felt better than it did last night!

Are any of you rabbit breeders? I’m working on a “secret” project and would like to hear from you. I especially need photos of your rabbits, hutches, etc. As we’re not raising rabbits now, I don’t have access to these and hardly anyone raises rabbits, other than a couple of pets, up in our area.

Thanks! — Jackie


  1. gen,

    Thanks for the information. Worms and rabbits sort of go together, with the worms turning rabbit manure into black gold!! I’m glad your cousin’s friend found a niche market for his rabbit meat. Good for him!!

  2. Glad things worked out well with jury duty. Thanks for the updates. Love keeping up with you guys. Stay warm!

  3. Not a breeder, wish I was, but my cousin and I had a few discussions on the subject. It seems a friend of his had the same idea that I had come up with, and had actually put it into action. His dad had left him their farm in his will, and when the tobacco business nearly tanked, he had to find a way to keep the taxes paid.
    ‘Our’ shared idea was to put containers, mainly the likes of goat feeders and such, under the hutches to catch the waste products from the rabbits, and the scraps of food that fell through the flooring. Introduce worms into that mix, it’s said a pound of worms can eat a pound of waste each day.
    This gives you rabbits for meat and pelts, worms for gardens or fishing, and worm castings for gardens, for yourself, or to sell. Win win situation.

    Sorry, I know this isn’t what you asked for, but my cousin said his friend no longer has to worry about being able to keep the family farm. Restaurants have begun selling organically grown rabbit meat, so could become a viable small family farm run operation.

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