Spring is so nice! — 6 Comments


    I love how this site makes you want to know even more! The above website has step by step instructions, and I learned something else from it. You can tap Walnut & Hickory trees??? More research, and more fun!
    I hope you and Will are feeling better Jackie, and I agree, that look of disgust only a black lab can get, priceless.

  2. Wendy,

    Ah, tapping maple trees!!! Wonderful. Unfortunately we only have a very few small silver maples here but we are thinking about tapping birch trees in the future. Not as much bang for the buck but hey, you do with what you have….

  3. Holly,

    Yep, they definitely do get “that look” and you can read their minds. But Spencer was a good patient and only had to be reminded a few times to leave his bandage alone. I took it off yesterday and he’s healing very well. And I’m sure he feels much less put upon!

  4. Glad you’re both feeling better. Poor Spencer! Happy spring! We’ve just tapped the maple trees back in the woods here in Gregory. It’s really here!

  5. How is it the Labs get “that look” anytime they have a bandage, or you do something that they do not think is normal? (A picture of me with a bandage….the humiliation…..what will the other Labs think?) I have had three and they all get “that look”….. Glad he is healing.

  6. I hope Spencers foot heals up quick. Pictures with dogs and tractors are always good. Congratulations Will on the hydraulic valve job going well.