There’s no place like home — 9 Comments

  1. Welcome home. Glad the trip went well and that you were able to make it a mini vacation!

  2. Donna,

    Yep, I am proud of David!

    You can use any of the thickeners for pies. It’s just a personal preference. I use all of them at some time or another. But all will also keep nearly forever so I always have all of them on hand. When CANNING pie filling, however, we need to use Clear-jel as a thicker to ensure safe canning of a thick product.

  3. gen,

    I’m so happy you’ve overcome your fear of canning!!! Boy will you ever have fun now.

  4. That sounds like quite the adventure, though I know it had to be tiring. Nothing like home!

  5. You must be so proud of David. He has grown up to be such an awesome fellow. Good job mom for raising such a fine young man.

    I have a question regarding thickening agents for pies and so on. Some recipes call for flour, others cornstarch and others tapioca. Is there a reason for the various products other than appearance. If not is there a “formula” to know how much flour for example to substitute for cornstarch. I always have flour and cornstarch, but hate buying ingredients that are single use items. They usually go bad before I can use them up.

  6. I’m very glad you made it home safe and sound. Mercy, but your boy has truly grown into manhood, your family pictures are wonderful to see. I have dipped my fingers into canning, with my dad’s help, and put up 7 quarts of vegetable soup, 5 pints of diced chicken, and one pint of chicken stock. My daughter and I found a recipe for canning sweet and sour chicken, and as I have about 10 lbs of chicken left, I’m earmarking some of it for that recipe; also the nearby grocery is running chicken quarters for 49 cents a lb., and we’re going to buy at least 20 lbs worth to can up too. Some recipes are just better with dark meat. Thanks to you I’m having a blast finally coming out of my fear induced shell of the pressure canner. I also have bags of beans for soup and pork-n-beans waiting in the larder to can up. Bless you Jackie, and THANKS!

  7. Happy you made it home safe. What a wonderful side trip you had. You sure do know how to make the most of your situation.

  8. We are all glad you are back save and sound. The incident with the trees across the road is a prime example of how being prepared isn’t only for a catastrophe. It is for any time. Welcome home.

  9. Wow Jackie!! Great pictures. What a drive you had! I am so glad that you are all back home safe. Now you get to plant!!!