Our area was so very dry earlier this spring, with the rivers and lakes down alarmingly. Then it started to rain! So far, we’ve had four inches in two days, another inch, then an inch and 7/8 with lighter rains in-between. It’s very lucky that we were able to plant what we did.

Yesterday it was only cloudy and Will and Krystal took the tractor out to try and plant Painted Mountain and some other trial corns. No dice; the field is way too wet. So I planted potatoes in a furrow he’d made (by accident) and we called it good. Today it’s so wet out there that he can’t even drive the four wheeler on it! We’re hoping for a late fall!

We’ve had two single goat births, both cute doelings that are doing very well and are really fun to watch as they bounce and play in the grass.

Our first planted crops are coming up: pumpkins, squash, Bear Island Chippewa corn, and the melons in the hoop house. The Kuroda carrots were three inches tall when they emerged from the soil! Stunning.

I’ve got asparagus coming out my ears and have to pick three patches this afternoon. After Will tossed four inches of rotted manure on the beds, the stalks have doubled and more in diameter. Many are thicker than my thumb. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some canned up real soon.

Good news on the second book in the Jess Hazzard series, Autumn of the Loons. The Kindle edition is available for pre-order and delivery on the 15th here: http://amzn.to/1JApFX2

The print edition order page on Amazon will be ready by the 15th according to Amazon, but folks can order Autumn of the Loons and save 15% or order Summer of the Eagles and Autumn together and save 20% on both if you go to the publisher’s order page here: http://bit.ly/1KOniP3 . And you’ll get complimentary bookmarks with your order, too!

If you’re looking for more Jess Hazzard, here it is! And if you haven’t read Summer of the Eagles, you’re missing a lot of good reading. Okay, so I’m prejudiced but readers seem to agree! — Jackie


  1. The new baby is adorable! Looking forward to reading about the latest Jess Hazzard adventures. Wishing you good weather too!

  2. Your little doe is beautiful. We had baby goats here yesterday, a buck and a doe. I can’t wait to start milking! My doe is a Kinder and she did great!

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