Seed Treasures

Just visited Loved the site. Will your seeds also do well in my just south of Atlanta gardens?

Burt Crews
Hampton, Georgia

Most of them will do very well in your garden. So far, we’ve sold to nearly every state and have had glowing reports coming in from all over. Glad you liked our website. We love to help gardeners succeed! — Jackie

Processing stored garlic

I had a bunch of garlic given to me still on the stalks. I put it in a glass with the bulbs up and some of it has been there for about a year. What do I do to preserve it or is it too late?

Nancy Foster
Dallas City, Illinois

I’d peel couple of cloves. If they are still soft enough to pierce with your fingernail, they should be okay to dehydrate or plant this fall. If not, see if they are normal looking even if hard; they may have dehydrated on the stalk. If they are shriveled or shrunken, you’ll have to give ’em a toss. — Jackie