Hopi Pale Grey squash

Not a question… planted the Hopi squash I bought from you. OMG! The plants are about 20′ wide. In fact, all my squash are huge this year. (With a little help from some fertilizer) they are all loaded with squash. I think it’s going to be a great squash year. Thank you so much… can hardly wait to taste the Hopi.

Joni Warren
Canyon City, Oregon

Thanks for the update! Our Hopi Pale Greys are climbing the back fence, up trees and heading for the woods. In the “squash patch” the plants are over five feet tall, on the flat. Boy, is that something. — Jackie

Canning corn

I had pressure canned corn on Friday. I realized by reading that I did not pressure it long enough. I pressured for 20 minutes. Looked at the wrong vegetable for the process time. What can I do? I have read everything and can’t seem to find out what I should do. Can you please help?

Mary Perkins

Oops, that happens. I’m just glad you caught your mistake right away. What I’d do is dump out your corn into a large kettle, bring it to a boil, then repack it into hot, clean jars and process for the correct time. Open each jar and smell it to make sure it hasn’t started to ferment or spoil before you heat it. Then smell it again as you bring it to a boil. It could have gone bad by now. Don’t cut the time because you already processed it. Just treat it as if it were fresh corn. — Jackie

Canning bones

Can a person can beef bones? I wanted to can the bones left over to have for soup.

Lisa Clark

It’s a whole lot easier and won’t waste so many wide mouth jars if you put your bones in a big kettle with water and boil them to get your broth, then can that. You can just use the basic broth as a soup base. — Jackie


  1. Diana and Anita,

    Gee, I’m sorry you had such rotten luck this year. We, too, had a very cool and rainy May but, luckily, our squash were planted on very fertilized rock and gravel so they had plenty of drainage. They’re rampant with vines going 50′ or more!!! Hopefully next year you’ll both have better gardens.

  2. I’m over on the Western Slope of Colorado and my Hopi Pale Grey squash took forever to come up. I lost some of my plants to I don’t know what, can’t see any bugs including vine borers, and the two pants I have left there is only one nice squash on them. I fertilized and watered them on a regular basis. Maybe I’ll have better luck next year!

  3. I’m glad I didn’t plant all my Hopi Pale Grey seeds as I’ll be surprised if they have time to produce. My garden is pretty sad this year. Planting was late due to 29 days of rain in May and we’ve had a cool summer as well. What did germinate isn’t growing or producing well. I’m in Colorado Springs. Hopefully next year will be better.

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