Now that we’ve got most of it in, we’re going full bore, putting up the harvest. I’ve begun digging potatoes and WOW are they nice this year! I started on the row in the new north garden and 10 feet gave me a six-gallon bucket nearly full; all nice, big, solid Dakota Pearls. Today, I hit the main garden as our temps are dropping down to the low twenties at night.
Yesterday I put up pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce from tomatoes Will cranked out of the Victorio tomato strainer and the day before I made my last batch of Cowboy Candy, using red jalapeños. And I made a double batch of syrup for them and used the extra to make Cowgirl Candy… I used the jalapeño-flavored spicy syrup and red sweet peppers. I tried a couple of half-pints last time I made Cowboy Candy and we really liked the less-spicy variety too. Experimenting like that is so fun. I ended up with 19 half-pints of Cowboy Candy and 15 of Cowgirl Candy.
This afternoon I’ll be canning salsa and a bushel of pears our friend Tom brought up from his visit in Wisconsin. Thanks Tom! — Jackie


  1. Rick,

    Our local mill, Homestead Mills, in Cook, sells Dakota Pearl seed potatoes. This is where I buy them. I’ll bet if you contacted Carol or Keith they would ship you some. If not, let me know and we’ll work something out.

  2. Miss Jackie,

    I am so eager to grow Dakota Pearl Potatoes…I have tried intensively to obtain certified seed for 2 growing seasons. I even contacted the Pennsylvania potato growers assn in our state capital. Several of the local Mennonite communities sell produce, seeds, cert seed potatoes, and bedding plants. They all say they don’t know where to obtain them and they do not show up in their catalogs for them to order seed pot. for resale locally…..I found them in a nursery catalog but they were about $10 for 3 lbs plus shipping….If you know where I should try next please post. Anyway yours are lovely as they were last year too!!! Rick

  3. Cindy,

    We (so far) are only selling seeds. As Dakota Pearls are potatoes, you’d need to buy certified seed potatoes to grow them. I’m glad your Mule Team tomatoes did so well. They are a real nice tomato with old-fashioned flavor.

  4. You tomato sauce looks so pretty. I just love the red color!!

    I really like the looks of those Dakota pearl tomatoes. Will you be selling those?

    Just wanted to tell you too that the Mule Team tomato seeds I got from you have produced wonderfully all summer. I still have big green tomatoes out there but will be bringing them in since the temps are going lower.

    Can’t wait to see what you offer this year for seeds!! Cindy

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