Another gray, gloomy, snowy day — 9 Comments

  1. TXCOMT,
    Thanks for the info. Yeah, we figured out “no co”. We had printed off the tecnician’s manual from Norcold and my son is a RV technician with a gas permit so he’s been helping us out a bunch. But so far, no go. It’s looking like it’s going to need a cooling unit. Boo hoo. They run about $1,000 and at Christmas time it looks like our beautiful fridge will be waiting awhile to get cold. Sigh. (But it still looks pretty!)

    Thanks for the encouragement and kindness!

  2. Dallen Timothy,

    I use canned rutabagas in about anything from pasties (the pie variety, not what strippers wear!!), stews and meat pies. I also mash them and fry them. Love those rutabagas! No, they soften a bit but don’t get mushy.

  3. Jackie, a quick online search revealed “no co” means “not cooling,” but you didn’t need the darn fridge to tell you that, right? If you need to reset it, and it’s a Norcold model, here’s a handy URL to tell you how:

    Also, can I speak for the rest of your readers here and say how thankful we are for you and yours? While we don’t yet can food here, we someday hope to, and I know you’ll be my go-to reference.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Jackie,

    My wife and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    We got your 3 books on homesteading and canning cook books last week and are loving them!
    I’ve been following your blog and BWH articles for years, and just got the wife introduced to more self-reliant living.

    Big Thanksgiving Thanks for the inspiration!

    Patrick and Diane

  5. What kinds of things would you use your canned rutabagas for? Are they quite mushy when canned? I actually canned some two years ago but haven’t opened them yet. I thought about adding them to stew or soup. Would that work?