And boy, oh boy, does it feel good in the sunshine! I was outside yesterday in my T-shirt gathering eggs and playing with the goats. Nice sunshine, too!

Will is busy converting one of our two old pull-type corn planters to work on the three-point of our tractor. (In the north garden there isn’t room enough to keep turning tractor and corn planter around on the ends.) So he’s taking advantage of the warm weather by doing that and getting ready to install the rebuilt fuel pump for our Oliver tractor, which could come today.


I took the four-wheeler for a ride yesterday, down the mile long driveway and by driving very slowly, I could check out the tracks to see who had been there and what they were doing. I saw the big tracks of a male wolf who was sauntering along, marking his territory and advertising his availability to females as it’s their breeding season. There were also grouse, rabbit, and deer tracks. It felt so good to get out and be warm.


It’s looking like I’ll be headed for surgery to remove a section of my colon. If I have to have it done, I want to get it over soon so I’ll be healed up for spring. Not looking forward to it but if it’ll stop the diverticulitis attacks, it’ll be worth it.

I was real excited yesterday when I checked on my first flat of peppers. They were coming up nice and strong. The second flat is starting to pop too and will be moved in the little plastic greenhouse in the south-facing window soon. I can’t wait to get to planting tomatoes! Another week or so, now.


By the way, any of you who have read the Jess Hazzard Westerns and haven’t posted a review on Amazon, this is a reminder that those reviews greatly help the sale of the books and that, in turn, helps us. Thanks, in advance! (And if you haven’t read them, check out the reviews on Amazon; you’re missing a good read! Even if you don’t normally read Westerns.) — Jackie


  1. Jack

    That’s exactly why I’m getting it done! I hate the idea of surgery but one of our friends had a blow out too and nearly died. Don’t want that to happen!! I’m a big enough chicken.

  2. I have been reading your articles and your blog for several years now. I can honestly say that I have learned so much from you that I feel like I have been attending a school and you are my teacher. Thank you. I am praying for you to have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

  3. It’s good you’re getting it done. I had my colon give out, & required emergency surgery to fix. The leakage created a whole other set of problems that could have been averted had I known to fix it before it got that far. It’s an ‘easy’ fix if stuff isn’t broken inside! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  4. Prayers for a successful surgery and hope will be able to do your garden this spring as usual, know you have good help (Will) Your are such an inspiration to all of us with your hard work, Admire your canning, I do some stuff but not as much as you do by far.

  5. gen,

    Awww thank you so much!! How is your granddaughter doing? She is still in my prayers daily.

  6. Sharon D,

    I’m so glad to hear you liked the Jess Hazzard series so far and that you added reviews on Amazon. Thank YOU so much!

  7. Donna,

    This is one time I’m going to say “I told you so…” and mean it! I’m so glad to hear your garden is coming along great! Congratulations for not giving up as so many folks do with new gardens.

  8. Hi Jackie, still have you on my prayer list, sure hope all goes well. Since I got my new AA canner, I’ve been looking for recipes that could be a full meal in a jar. Your name is popping up all over the place, on other folks websites. So many folks out there are like us here, we know you know what you’re doing, and how trustworthy you are and the information that you share. It never hurts to be reminded of things like that, when you might feel a bit low. Thanks!

  9. Well I guess 50 would feel great after all your cold weather, especially in the sunshine. Good luck with your surgery. I have read all the Jess Hazzard books and cant wait for more. I have added my reviews which are all great.

  10. We’ll be praying for you to pop back quickly from your procedure. Spring’s coming and boy are we ready to plant. I remember writing you a few years ago that I didn’t think we would ever get our garden area producing. You were right about giving it time and amending the soil. You should see it now. Thank you so much for encouraging us. You’re the best!

  11. Hopefully the surgery will prove unnecessary. But if not, the best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.


  12. I’ll pray for you to recover quickly. That is not minor surgery, but your indomitable spirit will actually help you to recover. I grew up in a substantially primitive lifestyle and enjoy your posts immensely. I only hope I can survive to pass some of what I know along to my grandsons. You are helping many thousands with valuable knowledge.

  13. that is one mighty looking pine tree next to your drive way in the above photo. Just think, a lot of of Minnesota and Wisconsin used to be covered with them,

    And best wishes for a speedy recovery and a new season of great gardening!!

  14. Praying for you and your doctor, that all goes well with your surgery. Also wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Your drive is beautiful!

  15. Will be praying for your quick recovery Jackie and for your medical team! Glad that the warm weather has come your way. It is so invigorating after all the cold and snow.

  16. You will be in our thoughts and prayers and that your recovery will be uneventful. What would we do without the ability to ask you all our questions? We feel as if you a dear friend who is only down the road. God bless!

  17. You will be in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. It will be good to get this whole business over with to stop those attacks and get on with life.

  18. Good luck with your surgery, will keep you in my prayers. So glad you had some warmer weather, the picture of your driveway is beautiful.

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