I think we’ve grown webs between our toes — 4 Comments

  1. We had this in Canada as well. Money was always tight and Mom bought margarine since it was cheaper. Ours came with a capsule of red powder which we had to work into the margarine.

    Us kids were intrigued by the powder but no one wanted to work it into the block of margarine. Somehow that red powder always made it all over the kitchen which meant the one stuck with the task also had kitchen clean up duty.

  2. Susan,

    OMGO, someone who remembers the red in margarine!! Ours came in a little capsule. You opened it, then worked it into the white margarine. It was SO much fun. (Boy it didn’t take much to please us way back when, did it???)

  3. Jackie, some of my favorite childhood memories were of our family vacations to Spider Lake outside of Grand Rapids. It took 2 days to get there by car, but when we spilled out of the car on arrival the joy was unsurpassing. We shopped for groceries in Grand Rapids on our way in, and the 3 of us children fussed over who got to massage that red dot on the butter package (it made Minnesota seem exotic, strange, and wonderful ~ which it is). A stop for moccasins was also part of our arrival itinerary too. Thanks for evoking such wonderful memories today.