I had a great time at the Self Reliance Expo in Irving, Texas — 2 Comments

  1. Rick,

    Our wild turkey hen went “wild” with her babies. We haven’t yet seen them but feel certain she’s out in the woods somewhere with them. I’m sure one of our toms was the daddy. We’ve got another turkey hen, a Slate this time, sitting on a nest just over the edge of the hill beyond the orchard. Will saw 10 eggs when she got off for a minute the other day. So we’re again waiting but we know she’ll stick around! Meanwhile we’re keeping an eye out for the wild hen and her family.

  2. Miss Jackie, How I wish I could have gone to the Expo in Texas to meet you…..We lived in Houston and Galveston for several years 35 years ago…. hated city life and vowed never to leave the country life again!!! I was happy to read about the Canada goose family….Today I saw 3 families of C. Geese with babies How much they grow in a week!!!! How about the wild turkey hen? My friend told me he found a turkey nest with 15 eggs in it today. and I saw a big lone tom on the edge of the woods this morning. I expect Mama turkey will hatch her brood at your place soon…Let us know when you see her and if your farm tom obviously is the father. Rick