Seven inches Sunday and four last night! I’ll swear I saw a bearded man at the lumberyard ordering cubits of lumber for an ark … Luckily, our gardens were well tilled before it hit and there aren’t lakes on them to rot the seed.

We’ve still been planting a few odd things here and there. (No, they’re not “odd,” just kind of leftover stuff we didn’t get around to getting in sooner.)

There’s a mama killdeer with a nest out in the corn on our north garden so we don’t bother her area. The rows need tilling with the weeds flourishing out there but it’s too wet now and we don’t want to disturb her while she’s sitting on eggs. Speaking of eggs, one of our turkeys came off the nest with three babies and another hatched a CHICK — not a poult. One chick. She found a nest with one chicken egg and became attached to it. Now she has a baby to raise up and love. Strange but cool.

Our tomato plants look awesome! Very stocky and dark green. Unfortunately, we have billions of volunteer tomatoes all over the garden; our only weeds this year! Luckily, they’re easy to till up and pull. It’s time to stake and cage the tomatoes and start in weeding and mulching the main garden. As soon as the rain quits, that is.


My flowers look great this year and my Yellow Rose of Texas is blooming its head off. I’ve been hitting one flower bed at a time trying to get rid of the weeds, especially perennial weeds like nettles and raspberries that keep popping up. And it’s working. So far I’ve got four beds pretty well “domesticated” and another bed pretty good. Mulching after weeding helps a lot. I’m using wood chip mulch about six inches deep. The peonies, delphiniums, hostas, and daylilies look great and make me smile as I sit on the front porch. Ah, homesteading! — Jackie


  1. Here in Arizona I would love some rain…I am getting ready to just pull my tomato plants out ..110 and hotter is just no good for my garden….got some tomatoes earlier as well as beets…I just keep working on my soil for later this year….Jackie I hope it will dry out for you and you will get a great harvest……love that cat

  2. OMG I just took a picture of our cat on our quad the other day. I’d have attached it if I knew how!

  3. Sheryl,

    I’ll say a prayer for your beans too. Hopefully when it dries out they’ll perk up.

  4. Rick,

    No sightings yet but every day we’re on the lookout. Yeah, we learned realtors aren’t exactly truthful when selling a property. The worst for us was when a realtor told me he had the perfect wild homestead for us. Then when we went out to look at it, we found we needed a canoe to cross a half-mile wide beaver pond to get to it! The beavers had built a dam across the creek and flooded the road waist deep long ago. So much for “perfect”!
    Our rain seems to have tamed down a lot so hopefully we’ll pass this batch of drier weather on to you. That creek flooding is probably what deposited all that rich silt on your land for you, as you guessed. Native Americans often chose river bend land to grow crops on for that same reason.

  5. Debbie,

    Yeah, we think so too! She was out “helping” Will re-till our corn plot this morning and now she’s over in the bed taking her afternoon siesta. She’ll be ready to roll at about five o’clock…..

  6. Lisa,

    Will do! Sounds good. I really like weeding better than planting. I’m still planting….or re-planting. The sweet corn in the old pig pasture rotted in the ground because of the rain so if it quits raining today I’ll get out and re=plant it. Hopefully we will get a crop…..

  7. We’re in somewhat of a mess here in SE Virginia as well. Too much rain. The bush beans in the raised beds are doing well but the ones in the ground are turning yellow. I had hoped to make dilly beans this year. Still keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. Miss Jackie, the rains have hit here too. I live in a valley with a big creek 500 steps away from my place. It looks as if l live in a rice paddy this evening and the creek isn’t in flood stage … fortunately it usually doesn’t stay rice paddy like for long, but had I known 30 years ago….., back then the realtor told me it would take a once in a hundred year flood before we were affected adversely. Funny how many times we have had that once in a hundred years flood in the past 30 years, and they did adversely affect our homestead…never the less we have deep wonderful soil filled with round river type rocks (it is probably all silt) I got my tomatoes caged before ” as it was in the days of Noah” returned to our valley. We have had one thunder storm after another for the past 24 hours and they are expected to last till about noon tomorrow.
    Any word about the wild turkey hen? Rick

  9. Hi Jackie

    Definitely catching up on the rain here in the cities as well, and got to admit, the garden and flower beds sure look great! Also, my carrot seeds all sprouted… was kind of afraid that I harvested to soon! Hoping for a slow down on the rain, so you can weed… even if it is one of the worst jobs (in my opinion) with growing your own food,etc. Enjoy the summer and hope all keeps going well for you and yours… if come down to the cities, let us know, we can bbq. Take care.

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