It’s been raining so much the frogs are complaining — 5 Comments

  1. Wally,

    No, he hasn’t and he’s about biting himself because of it, along with all the farmers around here. Some have had hay down for two weeks, being rained on nearly every day. Issh!

  2. Has Will been able to start making any hay between all the rain drops? Just wondering if the big new tractor is working well too?

  3. It all boils down to we get what we get…. It’s still raining here and down 100 miles south of us, near my son, Bill’s, they’re having major flooding with earthen dams threatening to give at any time. Luckily they live on a hill but even so water’s running through their yard like a river. It’s not so bad here but boy is it ever wet!!! The garden looks great, so far. (Please God, NO HAIL.)

  4. Miss Jackie, I hope your rains have settled and What does a frog look like?????Some weeks or more ago I squawked that my place looks like the days of Noah with ponding water everywhere. Well I am asking for rain now. My grass is still green, but people in our area seem to think their grass should be mowed every other day and now theirs is dried up. I let mine grow for the benefit of the honey bees who love our dutch white clover….I hope they will be able to make enough honey for themselves and me to reap some excess. Some years we get a crop and some years the bees need it all for the winter coming…..Rick