Well … We had ¾ inch of rain yesterday — 3 Comments

  1. Ah Ha !! What you have is using the tractor as a “slave” unit not only for the engine but the hydraulics as well. Great idea. Have a 1946 VAC Case that runs very well that would serve perfect for this. Now where can I round up a control valve set and some longer cylinders, I think I have about everything else in my bone pile.
    Thanks for the pictures. Lets see what happens this winter.

  2. LOVE your updates with pictures and narrative about life around Jackie and Will’s place! Thanks for all the news. Hope the weather cooperates for you to get those hay chores done.

  3. We have not been able to “trust” the forecasts here either. Strange weather. But, as you say, there are lots of perks to make up for it. Why, with so much produce, you may be able to feed livestock for half the winter before even needing that hay!
    We are having trouble getting tomatoes to ripen–the early volunteer we left where it started has been the only source. It has been so hot, the blossoms drop. Cukes, however,…….. And so it goes. Blessings.