We had a very quiet Christmas — 9 Comments

  1. A very happy new year to you, Will and all your family, Jackie! Thanks for the news on the happenings at your slice of paradise! Happy to hear that momma turkey is back!

  2. Happy New Year to you both!
    Thank you for your consistent presentation of information throughout the years, with the wonderful pictures and explanations of how you and Will accomplish whatever task abruptly shows up in front of you. What a team! Jackie, you have taken on more than many people do in a lifetime, and at times alone. To have raised children–adopted as well as born to you, relocated numerous times, dealt with cancer, death of spouse, caring for parents at your home, building a homestead from scratch, and then to have chosen to share your life again by marrying Will–wow! Many of us have perhaps done some of the life challenges listed above but seven or more??? And yet you are able to keep up with writing, and a blog…sprinkled with humor too.
    Will and you together are nearly unstoppable with the combined talents you share. Its my wish for you for 2017 to continue making your home comfy and one you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. For now, having more helping hands on the property will be an added bonus!
    The very Best to you and yours,

  3. First time I’ve read your blog, really enjoyed it.. thank you for it. I just ordered some backwoods year anthologies, can’t wait to get them. Happy New Year to you.

  4. Miss Jackie, what a joy to me to hear that Mom Wild Turkey is back home where she can enjoy the feed….The photo of the owls puzzle is neat. I hope you all frame it. Tonight is new years eve….a good night to be safe at home by the fire….perusing seed catalogs is the plan. Rick

  5. I would really enjoy and appreciate some articles about Will, and where he got his amazing skill set. Or articles by Will. No matter what needs fixing or inventing he knows what to do – he’s like a walking FoxFire book. I know what a draw knife is, but have no idea how to use one or how to shape a piece of wood to look like another piece of wood, wouldn’t have a clue where to start. Don’t know how to weld or fix tractors. Sigh. Will has made such a difference to the success of your homestead.

  6. I’ll bet the new wheelbarrow handle lasts longer than the original one!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year – and better weather!