Spring, glorious Spring — 4 Comments

  1. wally,

    I wouldn’t want to, but, unfortunately, I’m not “in charge” of such things; it’s above my pay grade. Lol

  2. Please don’t ever stop the”Ask Jackie”. This is always fun to read and an easy way for us to keep track of what is going on up there. I hope the tractor repair goes well.

  3. Julia,

    Even week old chicks can go outside on warm, sunny days. But they shouldn’t be permanently outside, even with shelter, until they have feathered completely out. By then they have protection against the cool wind and are smarter about seeking shelter if bad weather threatens.

  4. How big do my new chicks need to be before being put outside? About 3 weeks ago I bought 5 “big” chicks who were getting their pin feathers. The same day, I also bought 7 little ones with 2-3 feathers on their wingtips. Assorted breeds-White Rock, Barred Rock, Plymouth & 3 Rhode Island Reds. Compared to the others, the Rhodies are very petite & delicate. The White Rock, aka Chubby, is getting pin feathers now. My bigger chicks have taken care of the younger ones & they sleep in a huddle. They are presently living in a large rabbit hutch in the garage until they go outside.