We got a lot done this past week — 8 Comments

  1. Erin.

    Although it may seem like “weeks”, it’s only been one week. Really. I haven’t blogged as I had the cold from hell. Coughing, runny nose and even in bed for a couple of days. But I’m feeling better now and sent a blog in this morning. Thanks for your concern!!

  2. Cindy,

    My petunias are fairly small now but pretty stocky; I’ve pinched them back twice already. I’ve also got dahlias a foot and a half tall! If I had room, I’d start many more flowers but I’m packed in as it is.

    It’s too early for beavers to be telling us of the summer’s weather but they’re swimming around and it shouldn’t be too long before we start noticing something from them. Yep, I’ve thought about doing an article for older homesteaders. After all, I well qualify at 70!

  3. Hi Jackie,
    I’m getting concerned; you haven’t written for several weeks! Hope everything is ok up there. You know we–your many followers–go through withdrawal when “our Jackie” isn’t filling us in on her latest activities!

  4. I have Amberlinks and Isa Browns. They do well all year here in Mid-WI.

    Thank you Jackie for sharing all that you do. What do you petunias look like? Do you start any other flowers? It’s funny that you are increasing your garden and I’m trying and I mean trying to down size!!

    What do you think about writing an article on homesteading over 60?

    Thanks!! Cindy Hills

    I sure hope the beavers are telling you it will be a nice summer!!!

  5. Staci,

    Although they aren’t pretty to some folks, White Rocks do very well for winter laying, are hardy and weigh enough to make butchering worthwhile. Yes, I’ve had geese; don’t now. Why? They are terrifically messy and noisy. They play in any water, making everything around them wet (including the chicken coop) and honk at any disturbance. They may deter hawks a bit but our dog, Hondo, does much better, is quieter and is non-messy!

  6. How wonderful to get another job well done! Congrats! MORE garden? Yikes! Good luck. So glad you had a good Easter. Blessings to all.

  7. Jackie, the storage barn and wood rack looks wonderful! There is nothing prettier than a full wood rack. In your opinion what is the best breed of chickens for winter laying, eggs, hardiness, and carcass weight? Have you ever had geese before, are they good at keeping hawks at bay? Thanks for sharing your life in this blog, yall are a inspiration to us all.