We’re getting plenty of spring rain — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Jackie. I will give the suet a try. Magpies are pretty to look at but are definitely aggressive. We get a number of robins each year and the magpies tend to attack the young ones in the nests. I’m trying to find a way to discourage the magpies from hanging around.

  2. DonnaB

    Yes, we have a very few magpies here. Until a few years ago they were extremely rare. Although pretty, they are aggressive. We did have them in Montana but they didn’t bother the songbirds much. You could try putting chunks of suet away from the home site to lure them off. They usually prefer that to other foods (except roadkill deer!)

  3. Jackie,

    That soil in the garden photo looks lovely — so rich and black. You and Will have done a wonderful job giving a helping hand to nature to build that up. The rhubarb looks great too.

    I too love having song birds around — both their sight and sound is so appealing. I would love to put out seed regularly but we have a big problem with magpies. The squirrels I don’t worry about but the magpies tend to attack and run off the songbirds. Do you folks have magpies out in your area? (Or did you have in Montana?) Any thoughts on how to discourage them but not drive away the other birds?

  4. Thank you Jackie for the update on the spring happenings at your place, especially when things are so busy! Love seeing those rich fields you have. That row of daylilies is going to be so pretty!

  5. This brings back old memories. I grew up on a dairy farm and my dad always spread manure on the fields in the spring. It didn’t smell very good for a couple of days. My dad is gone now but my brothers farm the farm and they use modern equipment and fertilizers.
    Your garden sure looks nice. I love to work outside in the garden – vegetable and flowers. I also love day lilies. Hope you have an abundant harvest this year and stay healthy.