Trouble seems to come in threes — 6 Comments

  1. Jackie,

    I am sorry to hear about David’s truck. These things always seem to happen when finances are tight. Hopefully the breakdown happened at home and not somewhere on the road.

    What a blessing that Will has such great mechanical skills and that David is such a hard-working and conscientious young man. You did an excellent job raising him to be so and these qualities will carry him far in surviving life’s ups and downs.

    At least you caught the cows quickly but I am sure you didn’t appreciate the extra “surprise” from them.

  2. I am really glad you handle all the homested problems so well. Your place is very pretty and productive. I remember in your book about barely making it after the loss of your first husband. That book inspired me so much! And, your follies since then has gotten me through a dull aggrev

  3. Carol,

    It IS amazing that we homesteaders can tell the difference between a sound out of place and a normal sound, isn’t it? Yeah, cow pies ARE slick, especially in wet grass, wearing moccasins! I’ll admit to a few bad words as I regained my feet, trying not to get my hands or face into the manure too. Yeah, I, too had a laugh after the cows were back out of the yard.
    Will got the baler fixed but had to stop when rain (which wasn’t supposed to come until 8 PM, threatened). Luckily, we got 100 bales into the barn before it got too wet. Now we’re waiting till the rest dries so it can get baled.

  4. Ah, Jackie, what a way to start your day. Isn’t it fortunate that our brains are working as we sleep and register a “moo” that doesn’t belong there! Fresh manure is sooo slick, and impossible to get the smell and stain off the skin and clothes, but in the rush of the moment you just can’t watch every step!! (Sorry, but I did laugh :)) I’m so glad little damage was done in the garden. It is an endless battle keeping wild and tame critters out and you are surrounded by both. I hope you all will get a break and the hay will stay dry, the machinery will run and your garden will continue to thrive.

  5. Ya’ll are so fortunate that you can do so many things! Fix so many things!! In times of trouble you all pull together to get things done! What a blessing!