Hot, hot, and hotter — 3 Comments

  1. Yep the weather here in MN has been great for the squash and melons…mine have huge leaves and producing like crazy…sorry about yours though! the darn bunnies got my pea crop, but I may put in a late crop and see if I can get some this fall. as for your hopi pale grey…reminds me of my sunflowers…i plant them, but never come up or if they do, they are in the middle of my tomatoes, my gourds, broccoli…I think they have legs and move to where the soil is best! by the looks of things, your gardens are being very productive all the same! take care.


  2. I have to set dishes of ammonia around my squash to repel the raccoons maybe the ground squirrels wouldn’t like it. I fought ground squirrels in CA. Worthless creatures.

    Good to see the Hopi Pale Grey growing in a pot. I think I’ll try that next year.
    I like containers – easier on the old arthritic back.

  3. Hot you say ? Here in Arizona we have had record heat 118 that is and it just killed everything but the weeds…finally got some rain but no sense putting any new seed’s out until middle of October…your flowers look beautiful Jackie.