We barely missed a tornado and hail last night — 13 Comments

  1. Very glad that the weather situation turned out ok for you! Your plants look SO fantastic!

    • We’re so tickled with them. And we DID can Providers already!

  2. Hi, Jackie. I am glad you didn’t get the hail. That is the good side but the bad side is that it reminds you to put up twice the amount of seeds for the business just in case you have a “hail” of a season and don’t get any one year. You and Will work so hard on your own food source plus your seed business. Wow. You are an encouragement for us all.
    Oh, and wanted to say that my seed cucumber plants were maybe 2 inches tall when they went in the garden and are producing well. The store-bought 6 inch tall plants have not given me any cukes yet!

    • The difference in seeds is this, I think: We love our plants and seeds and they seem to know it! We always try to keep extra seeds, just in case…just like we do our pantry. So far we’ve not had to use them but who knows???

  3. years ago went to the mechanic.
    he came out and said he was changing the spark plugs on a new car.
    i said i wish i had a new car.
    he said, no, you don’t. this one you have to pull the engine to get at the plugs.
    can you imagine what that would cost?
    at least ashley and david were able to get to the plugs.
    i guess the outcry over the engines’ inconvenience back then brought design back into line with human capabilities, at least somewhat.

    • Heck, my son, Bill, previously an automotive diagnostic technician, told me about one car you had to loosen the engine mounts and jack up the engine to change the OIL! Who the heck would think up something so stupid???

  4. Glad to hear all went well through that ruff night.David has quite a catch with Ashley. Not many girls now days can change spark plugs and wires. The heat down here in Oklahoma is starting to kill my garden matter how much l water. I guess l will be looking at fall crops to plant soon
    Take care of you and yours.

    • Just be glad you have the option of fall crops. With us, it’s spring crops or nothing. Talk about pressure!

  5. Hi Jackie and Will, we had a strike that was right in our yard last night. It for sure rocked the cabin. We got about 2″ of rain out of it. I’m not complaining about one drop however as in the Bagley area we can be wishing for rain in a weeks time. The honeyberry harvest was awesome even without you wonderful folks stopping in this year. We are finishing up the cherries tomorrow. A very heavy crop. Many will go unpicked as we don’t have enough U-Pickers stopping in yet and there are only so many we can pick ourselves. They are on the verge of going bad as we have the dreaded fruit flies in them at this point. Road work in Bagley hindered the pickers a bit too. Hope to see you guys this summer yet.

  6. Glad it missed you! We have our niece and kids driving up here to
    Iowa to visit and hoping this storm watch does not get them! Good going!

  7. sorry about your son’s logs. dry at my house. last year I dug garlic out of the mud. this year very dry. they were damp after 3 weeks. won’t take long this summer. I’m enjoying the sun.

  8. We are so thankful that all is well and that the One above was watching over you all. Your garden is absolutely beautiful and am looking forward to next years seed catalog.

  9. So glad you are all safe and no damage to your crops. Yay!! I know this is a really busy time for all of you. It is busy for us too but I love refilling the pantry with delicious home grown food. Looking forward to reading your 4th book. Will start that very soon. Thanks for the blog and all the pictures you share with us. I look forward to it each week.