We’re getting so much done — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you so much. I love looking at pictures of the garden produce, especially in the winter.

  2. Happy to have found your blog. I subscribed to BWH for years and you were my favorite writer. My family lives on 30 acres in SO just south of Superior so we have the same weather. Wish I had your energy!!!

  3. I have a garden seat that is very helpful as I can neither squat or kneel. I got mine at Ollie’s for about $14.00 and it’s well worth it. If I could slim down so I didn’t squash my belly while using it it would work even better.

    • I’ve got a plastic seat that fits onto a 6 gallon plastic bucket so I can pick beans okay but it doesn’t work in the blueberries; too tippy.

    • She uses essential oils and dresses in dark clothes. So far she’s only had one tick, a little wood tick that was barely hooked on.

  4. We have finally had some summer weather with most of the last week highs in the upper 70’s and low 80’s here in the copper basin Alaska. Our provider beans are in a hoop house and we should get our first picking tomorrow. We have been eating zuchini for a week. I envy you the corn. We have two short rows in the hoop house which haven’t tasseled out yet. Tomatoes looking good in the green house and setting tomatoes.

  5. I am just in awe ofbyou.. I have read your books, and I am hoping my health is coming back now, my diabetes is under control I have more energy, and the spinal cord stimulator implant in my spine ,I am now used to a year later.. so hoping I can get off my butt and do some of what you accomplish, I get so inspired by you.. I have fuut trees and 3 garden beds and blueberries,lemons, olives,herbs, but when I got sick and I had to have my back done it was all on it’s own in FLORIDA heat, so I need to try and bring em all along and see what I can salvage..I was down for over a year…so God willin I can get them back to good.thank you for your inspiration…

    • I’ll be praying for you to recover your energy. Just pace yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’ll get done, one step at a time.

  6. I have been a subscriber f0r many years, My husband of sixty one years died April 21st.. I have never read one of my magazines on the computer before, but I would love to read yours. Im not sure how to start doing it. Thank you sincerely, Ellen Thrash

    • I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s death. That’s SO very hard. To get Backwoods Home Magazine, you’ll need a Kindle. You can buy one online through Amazon very reasonably. Then you can just click on the box above that says Subscribe to BHM on Kindle and it’ll show you how. It’s easy and cheap. (And with a Kindle, you can read all sorts of books, including my Westerns!)

  7. I meant fist sized tomatoes from the Bill Bean plants- poor typing. ER Lindsey

  8. We too picked blueberries at local berry farm. They are beautiful. Your corn looks great. We’ve been having BLT’s the Bill Bean plants have had gust sized tomatoes. The Hidasta shield bean plants are loaded. I plant strike green beans and the have been loaded. Soon sweet corn will be ready. I plant Who’s been Kissed an OP sweet corn developed at Univ. Wisconsin. ER Lindsey

    • We planted some Who’s Been Kissed too this year so we’ll see how it does for us. I’m jealous; our Bill Beans are still green but they’re huge! We’re still waiting for our first BLT!!! Now I’m drooling.

  9. Awesome pictures of your produce. So in addition to writing books, canning and gardening you are also a talented photographer.